Everything Customers Need to Know About Pavement Stencils

Pavement markings are essential for maintaining order in parking lots and on roads. They organize traffic flow, providing important information for drivers both while they are in transit and when it’s time to park, and offer critical information to both foot traffic and motorized traffic to ensure safe travel. The easiest and most straightforward way to ensure that markings are accurate and consistent is to use parking lot stencils.

How to Use Pavement Stencils

Most stencils used for pavement marking are fabricated from polymer plastic or aluminum sheeting, both of which provide a durable product that can be reused many times. These stencils can be either mass produced or custom made depending on the needs of the property owner. Pavement paint or thermoplastic can then be applied using the stencil to ensure clear lines and accurate application.

Aluminum Pavement Stencils

These types of stencils come with rolled edges to minimize paint overspray, which can lead to sloppy-looking lines or inaccurate markings. They are made from thermalized .080 inch stock, allowing them to lay flat against the pavement for easy application and clean up.

Thermoplastic Pavement Stencils

Plastic stencils are fabricated from 1/8 inch low- or high-density polyethylene depending on what the application calls for. They are typically flat edged, unlike their aluminum counterparts, and lay flat against the pavement during application. Either plastic or aluminum can be used for stencils intended for ADA legends, pedestrian and motorist direction, and designation of parking zones.

Custom Stencils

While pavement markings such as ADA compliant parking spaces, loading zone, school zone, and fire lane designations, numbers and letters, and other common markings can be purchased from retailers on an as-needed basis, more complex or unique stencils such as company logos and custom words will have to be custom ordered. It’s a good idea for property owners to inquire about appropriate materials and design considerations.

Learn More Today

Need to find a reliable provider to purchase a pavement stencil or a california road sign and not sure where to get started? Just be sure to do some research prior to choosing a company and to inquire about pricing and project time frames on custom stencils before placing an order.


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